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Today was a little bit of a weird day. We were supposed to make an A2 sheet with what we do on the weekends and what we like to do in general. Then we had to share it with our partner that we were assigned. I had Karan who's really nice. We ended up asking each other questions on top of our sheets to try to find an issue that we could fix using product design. 

On my side, it was more about traveling to and from the gym in Shoreditch. For him it was about having a wallet that he could really quickly pull out and use his Oyster card, but also have a secret place for his SD card that he always looses but also be on his phone. This is going to be tricky but with Kathleen's idea development session, I came up with quite a bit of ideas. I was thinking of a way to attach and detach the wallet as he pleases from the phone. Maybe magnets? I don't know yet because that might break up the signals and mess up his phone. I also was to keep it really simple, just the bare minimum. I asked him what cards he used the most and he said his ID, his Oyster card, his credit card and maybe a few loyalty cards but those can be found in the company's database so he doesn't really need them. He likes black, so the colour is pretty straight forward and he likes his phone cases not too bulky so if I do attach the wallet to the phone, I have to make sure it doesn't obstruct his grip. I am going to do some more idea development tomorrow.

As for the small change project. I had bought some old magazines at a vintage shop that I am going to use, and I figured coasters would be the best way to keep the simplicity of them but also put forth the beautiful retro graphics. I also thought that coasters are a non-intrusive way into people's homes. That sounds weird I know but you don't want to make something so prominent and permanent in someone's home.

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