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Today was a very useful day... Since I made about 42 round disks yesterday, and I started gluing some old comics on them, I ended up finishing all of them today. I used PVA glue (which turns out is just wood adhesive) and that's it! I have never gotten as much feedback as I did today that's for sure; from the students and the tutors. I kind of feel weird though because it's such a simple idea, I feel like I'm missing something. In all honesty it's just a piece of old comic book stuck on some MDF but there is something about the coasters that really pops. I also think that it attracts all age groups, weather young or old, it is simple and pleasing to the eye. 

I also went to our small change marketing meeting today. I wasn't sure if I wanted to be part of it when Kathleen announced the idea, but I just kind of shut up and went for it. I'm kind of on and off about group work; sometimes I like it sometimes I don't. For this one though, I am really excited about the fact that all of the people in that group have volunteered. They really want to make something cool, and so do I! 

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