Today was a little bit different. I didn't end up going to King's Cross for class because I knew that it was only going to be a "design" day since there were no access to the workshops. Since I was already done with my designs, I decided to go to Archway to work during the day so that I could use the wood and plastics workshop. 

I achieved so much today, it was crazy! I started by going over to Poundland to buy some legos and some crayons that I needed to create my cutlery set. It cost me approximately 3 pounds, which was quite reasonable. Then I popped over to the workshop and started building my cutlery set. I took some discarded pieces of wood and cut them into thick-ish rectangles. I made four for safety purposes. If anything went wrong, I would have an extra one. I then rounded off the ends of the rectangles to make them safe and ergonomic. It looked really cool! I then glued on the lego pieces to one end on each of the four wooden rectangles, and I cut the cutlery to have only the head of the fork, knife and spoon that I attached individually to another lego. I did the same with the crayons. And that was it! 

My friend and I tested the cutlery set afterwards and we noticed that you could pick up things easily with the fork and spoon but you couldn't put too much pressure on it or the two legos would disconnect. I think it has to do with the surface area of the legos. The more dots are connected, the stronger the connection will be. I think if I were to take this idea forward, I would definitely fix that. 

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