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Today was quite an adventure, to say the least! I had been hearing rumours that there would be a strike, but I just kind of hoped it wouldn't happen, until I got a message from tfl saying the whole zone one would be closed. Since I assumed that every single person in London would take the buses, I decided to walk to school. I ended up spending two hours today just walking to and from school... How charming! 

Anyways, during those two hours (and obviously during class too) I thought a lot about my upcoming project called child. We had to develop three ideas today from the twelve we drew up in class on thursday, and then we had to formally present it to the class. I really enjoyed seeing everyone else's ideas because there were some very, very clever ones and it kind of inspired me in a way.

The first part of today was our final 1-100 crit. I really was not happy with it. We had spent three weeks on this project, and I think I really pushed myself and worked with many materials that were not easy. I got some terrible, incomprehensible and illegible feedback on it from a peer, so that went well. I would have loved to get a little comment from Kathleen but my project wasn't picked out or mentioned in any way during the crit. I'm not mad about that because I understand that I am better at some other things and bad at others and sometimes things don't really work out! Anyways that's alright I think I pushed myself so that's good. After lunch, we came back and presented the ideas I briefly mentioned above. After presenting to the class, Kathleen thought I should go with the cutlery route, which I was quite please about because that was my favorite, and by far the most "out of the box" one if you can say that. I have decided, during my two hours under the pouring rain, that I will go to archway tomorrow instead of King's Cross and get my model done instead of going to King's Cross and having no access to the workshop. I have never done that but I think it works well with the timing and hopefully Tom will understand.

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