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Today was our first day back in class. It was a lot of fun to be back, but it was quite challenging to get back into the groove. I spent my two wonderful weeks in Oman and in Dubai. We got to go diving with enormous turtles an hour off the shores of muscat. I was so excited to tan, but the sun disagreed with me and heavy fog engulfed Dubai every morning. So I sat and researched instead. For christmas, we had about two dozen oysters that I had to shuck myself of course! After that my father told me to throw the shells away when we were done eating and that gave me an idea; why don't I do something with oyster shells? Instead of throwing them out I put all of them in a plastic bag and left them outside in hopes of cleaning them later. The next morning, the bag was filled with little tiny flies and we ended up throwing the whole thing away. Now that I'm back in London, I was to see if restaurants could give me their leftover oyster shells and I can do something with that. I was thinking of making a coaster out of them. I'll put a picture of what I wrote down in the plane. 

Anyways, today was a little challenging but it wasn't too bad. I think that i am used to thinking quickly and coming up with a range of ideas. For the three objects, I got an apple, dominoes and a cutlery set. I came up with four different ideas that I was quite proud of since it was just the first day back. For next class, we have to develop three of them and pitch them to the others. We also have our 1-100 crit, which I am very excited about because Kathleen liked my project. I just need to finish now a few A2 sheets and refresh my vocabulary and everything is all good! I'm excited to be back!!

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