Tuesday December 6, 2016

Today I focused on adding the extra materials. I had brought in cork yesterday, which I now despise, and continued to work with it today. I basically did that the entire day, and also fixed one of my broken bowls on the side. I tried to fix it with the poly-whatever-it's-called thing and that did not work at all. So then I tried putting some glue on it with a glue-gun, which worked. However, it was really, really messy and looked terrible. I tried to cut the excess with an exactoknife, but then that took off the glue in between the broken pieces, so it just popped off again. I was so mad after that I took a break for lunch. Then I came back and with Pablo's fabulous superglue, I glued the two pieces together. Then with the poly-whatever-it's-called thing, I made it seamless and it looks sick now, you can't see anything. I waited for it to dry, and then sanded it to the thickness of my bowl. You really, really cannot see the seam, I am not kidding. So that was a successful, long afternoon. We then had a mini crit with Tom, which was nice because I hadn't talked my idea through with the whole class, only with my friends and family. After that I went home and finished off some details. First I painted the bowls a grey-ish/beige-ish light colour because I did not like the whiteness of the bowl. That way, the colours pop more and it will distinguish my bowls from other people's white ceramics during the final crit. So now my bowls look SICK! I also made the coloured flashy paint inside look a little bit more clean by basically painting over a good portion of it. Instead of being an unfinished circle, its now a sharp small moon-like dab of colour, which really pops out and makes it fun. Finally, I braided three separate braids from some string I found in the classroom, and then braided those braids again together to make a nice, intricate base from one of my bowls. I then wrapped that at the bottom of it and glued it down, so now it has a knitted base. I also added a bit of yarn around one of my broken bowls to make it seem intentional (but shhhhhh it was a mistake). In total, I ended up with integrating 4 different materials, and making a series of soup bowls that are very different to each other, but also tie into a nice whole. Cool!

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