December the 6th TUESDAY

3 workshops a day 
A) DRAPING - basic rules while draping , terminology within draping and sewing, respecting character of chosen fabric- a stiff fabric will hold the shape, loose fabric won't . I used this workshop to get some draping for Time lab project done... I was looking for different structural possibilities with fabric . Got some ideas on garment .
B)COLLAGE - fast working, spontaneous,  EFFECTIVE ,lovely outcomes responding to my shape research, developing silhouette , creating print for garment, completely new approach of project, 
I am definitely going to use this technique in next project...
C) COLOUR- why this colour? association with colours, colour wheel, meaning of colours, Importance of opposite colours, tones, pastel colours... This workshop made me to realised that my colour palette for Time LaB project was not working too well. I was focusing too much on monochrome colours, thinking of 'soviet occupation' as a negative event. SOLUTION: The connection between this and the other research imagery is going to be COLOUR.

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