Monday December 5, 2016

Today was super interesting. We started off by having a morning lecture with the head of the BA Ceramics Programme. At least I think he is. Anyways he was great, and even if I am really not interested in coming to CSM for a full bachelors, he had a lot of good insight into the reasons behind why they make the programme the way they make it. I also had a chat with him and Kathleen about Goldsmiths and their Design programme. I honestly fell in love with Goldsmiths the second I landed on their website, and I've never changed my mind about it. The only thing is I do recognise the importance of listening to others and their opinions about courses because it does make a difference. Nevertheless, I think the way I think and work fits best into the course Goldsmiths offers more than the BA Ceramics and BA Product Design here at CSM. Before you fail me because I am favouring another course over yours, let me quickly explain the one factor that makes an enormous, immense and ginormous difference for me. The fact that you can flip your entire idea around and start in a new direction instantly. Goldsmiths offers a Bachelor of Arts in DESIGN, which means that ceramics, textiles, graphic, industrial, product ect. all fall under that umbrella. That means that I can specialise in ceramics if I want to or just flip flop around to different types of Design while still fullfilling the brief. Obviously they aren't going to say "do whatever you want and have fun" but it does allow a lot more flexibility than what CSM does. If I were dead set on becoming a ceramist, I would have jumped straight into the BA Ceramics at CSM. But since I'm still young and need to move constantly, Goldsmiths is a better option. Ok now, back on track to the reflection for today!

After the morning lecture, we obviously had lunch (sorry Kathleen I was a little late) and then came into the workshops to work on our project. I was outside the casting workshop, sanding and spray painting and I think I got frostbite. I couldn't feel my toes, but that only comes second to Design doesn't it? Anyways I got a lot done this afternoon. I started by sanding down my three bowls. I forgot to dip them in water first, like an idiot, so I swallowed a kilo of little particles. I'll never do that again! Then I wanted to add a dab of colour to the bowls because I wanted them to be simple but at the same time joyful and playful. I settled on one being green/blue, one being yellow/orange and one being purple/pink. I think that it really makes them pop! I had bought some cork and a glossy varnish for my bowls this weekend at Paperchase. So, I tried to varnish the three bowls before I put the cork on because it would be too complicated... The problem is the clay soaked in all the varnish, so it just turned it a weird light skin colour instead of keeping it white and glossy. What an idiot I am! But weirdly, I really, really liked how it turned out since only the colours I had added at the bottom became glossy. So imagine an earthtone bowl that's matt, with a glossy colourful inside. We'll see what happens tomorrow. I should add on the cork and the metal piece! I'm kind of pumped for that, cause I think it will look super cool. Also I broke my phone today, great.

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