Thursday December 1, 2016

Today we picked up our object that we had made during the past week from the kiln. My whole shoebox is filled with little ceramics things that are quite cute. After that, we came back and the kids from the BA Product Design came to talk to us. In all honesty, they did not sound very enthusiastic about the course. They all had smiles on but they literally just said it was hard and there were a lot of constraints, not only with materials but with ideas. There might be a little gap between the student review tables and what they said. Anyways after that, we did a little activity where we looked at the objects we had just made and we drew them in different views and perspectives. But this next part was even better. We looked at our objects and had to make ten different versions adding the material we had given. If anyone is reading this, please make sure the next generation of foundation student in 3DDA do this because it was more helpful than all the guest lectures we had combined. There was one batch of 5 different ideas where we made different versions using wood, and one batch of 5 where we were given a word like "useful" and had to add a piece that fulfilled that word using other kinds of materials. I think those 20 minutes were very useful and I will definitely use that technique in the future! Then the head of product Design came to talk to us in the afternoon too.

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