Today was not very productive, until the end. In the morning, we did not much.... just a little bit of drawing and planning for my A2 sheets. I picked up the stuff that I had made earlier that week from the shelves. They are finally fired wohoo! And they look awesome. Now I just need to figure out if I want to paint anything on them. I'm thinking a "dipped look" like it's been dropped halfway into a big bucket of paint. Obviously I wouldn't make it like that but I feel like it would be cool. I'm also thinking about having a few colours on each... kind of like a thin gay flag around but I don't want it to look tacky. I am also thinking of making them pastel colours bowls cause who wouldn't want that!! Anyways I'm going to think about that some more tomorrow and tonight while I babysit. I need to buy some spray that makes it glossy. In the afternoon, we walked over to covent Garden to a gallery called Aram galeries. It was the most beautiful thing ever! I loved seeing all the chairs and everything but I didn't think the joints exhibit was that clarifying for me... we'll see later.

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