November 25th FRIDAY

I went to CSM for fitting  for the White show I am going to model for my friend Andrea. The atmosphere in Fashion studios was hectic , apparently it is lots to do in no time.
Afterwards I went to the library to get some informations about Korean contemporary artists.
Really interested in Lee BUL artist and her artwork/utopian concept, femininity, performance , reflective art / 
I like that she is playing with audience and that her art is always large scale masterpiece!

I also found artist named Gilwoo Lee and really liked. The technique that she uses looked so alive , using dots an warm colour palette that it caught my eyes straight away. Then I looked up to the description of her work and I couldn't be more surprised.
She uses fire in a technical method by using hot burning incense and a soldering iron to burn permeated screens of Hanji,
a Korean traditional paper
''Through a technical image in the ideology of transmigration of souls of all things with life in ashes after their deaths, I produce new images through the repeated burning of Korean traditional papers, one by one.''

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