Friday November 25, 2016

Today was the most satisfying day ever. Apart from eating the best soup, I made a really nice final model. I came into the workshop around 11:30-ish and started working right off the bat. Like an idiot, I wore my nice nikes again because I forgot, and ended up getting a drop of slip right on the toe section. I'll just wait until it dries and then scrape it off so I don't get it deep into the mesh. Anyways that has nothing to do with anything. So, I made two bowls out of the moulds that were available, and poured slip at the same time into both like an idiot again. I didn't think of the fact that I would have to take them out and pinch them one after the other, so one was going to be the right dryness and the other will sit another 5-10 minutes, therefore being too dry to pinch. Anyways, I tried to work quickly and got the first one really well pinched. It didn't crack or anything. Since I kept the ledge on it, I turned it upside down and pushed a little on the base to make it concave (or convex depending on which angle you look at it). As it was drying, I tried to pull the other one out but the ledge broke, so I ended up with a nice smooth bowl with no edge. I decided it could be another version of the design and just went with it. I pinched it the way I wanted it and made the bottom concave. I then went for lunch and let them dry and came back to sand them down. I spent quite a bit of time sanding them and they look really nice and smooth! Off to the kiln! See you monday!

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