November 24th THURSDAY

-finishing up, setting up the room for presentation, group crit
I was quiet happy with the outcome of this project.. 
I felt that my research was deep and that I did point out all the interesting facts about Korean culture. However, I wasn't able to find books about Korean contemporary artists, i will do later on this week. 
I did't like the way I presented my work this time that much , I wanted to have the postcards hanging from the ceiling , but I did't have enough time so I just got some envelopes and set the whole presentation /sketchbook and postcards/ on a table.
I think that I was confused at the beginning of this week because I din't really know what to do, I was focusing on my final outcome a lot because I wanted to know which direction should I focus my research on. But then everything got better when I kept working on a research and the ideas somehow just appeared.

Feedback I got:

well interpreted research
maybe I can space up my further drawing in to more pages /so they are not squeezed/

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