Thursday November 7, 2016

Today was the first day we were introduced to the mould making process, and it was great! We were first separated into two groups and our group went downstairs to the casting workshop first. There, we were shown how to make a mould of a cylinder out of plaster. To be honest, I was really confused on how the shape would end up hollow, so that was a little confusing. We added a little bit of wallpaper to the cylinder to make a little pattern which was really cool. Our group focused on getting a perfect mould, and we did! Knock on wood that the rest of the project will be perfect too. I wore my nice, brand new shoes today because I forgot we were casting, so I know from now on to wear old things to this workshop. Anyways, after lunch we came back up to the "designy" room and had a series of activities with Georgia. To be perfectly honest I really didn't like any of them because they seemed forced, and I work best when I can do my own personal research. Also I was not a fan of group dynamics and got really irritated several times. Anyways I still participated and stuff because I do see how these kinds of activities help us, I just didn't like it. 

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