Independent Working Day

I normally don't blog for the independent days on here but I might as well, since I had an enlightening experience today. I spent all day in the workshop (literally 10 to 5) drilling. I had the best arm workout ever.

I started with making the four plastic plates, which took me a while. I then drilled my strainer holes in the exact same way I did with the wood since it worked so well. It looked dope! I then screwed the metal plate pairs together to finalize everything.

After that was done, I made the pot out of transparent plastic Tupperware I had previously bought this morning for like 2 pounds. I tried it with one tall one but it broke so I used the second one I bought. From now on, I will buy two of everything so I feel less stressed out that it won't work. I know in the real world that's not possible but WHO CARES! Anyways, back to the point. I cut out perfectly the second Tupperware and ended up leaving a margin at the bottom so that the plates would sit comfortably in it. After that was done, I placed a handle on it by drilling a hole through the bottomless Tupperware and passing an acrylic tube through it, and then hot gluing it in place.

After that I was done but I felt like something was missing. I went to the metal workshop and got a few rods. I measured each one to make a handle for the top plate so you could open and close the strainer. I fused the rods together and went back to the plastic and wood workshop, where in drilled a hole in the three plates and passed the metal handle through. Tadaaa! I was done!

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