Class 21

Today was our Crit day. We had Fadi and another tutor doing the lesson today, which was very interesting.

We started off with the register as usual and then had until 1 pm to complete our projects. I figured out everything i was going to have to do yesterday, since I finished making my final model. So today, I focused on my A2 sheets. You can go to the workflow page for the Feed project if you want to see the final results. The first A2 sheet took me the most time since i wanted to make a huge drawing of my pot. It turned out really nice, and I finished all four sheets in time, thanks to a weirdly on point time management. I had previously done an A2 sheet for my development earlier this week since Fadi told me it was a good idea. I ended up throwing that one away since I changed my idea altogether, and the drawings were not very good. I still kept a photo though, but I hate looking at it.

Anyways, after lunch we started doing our Crit. By far, the most not useful afternoon ever. I did not get good feedback on my project, and the tutors didn't even see it. Some classmate wrote on my paper saying that he owns a strainer in a pot too at home.... Ok cool but what can I do better? I have done research and I know strainers in pots exist, which is why I tried to make a better one. I feel like he did not read my explanation very well.... I did however receive a good comment saying that I could add a more ergonomic quality to the handle, which is a good point.

Overall I am a little disappointed that I put in a so much thought, work and effort and all I got in return was no one batting an eye, some guy telling me he has a strainer at home and no feedback from the tutors on any of my work.

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