Class 20

Today was a very buy day. I was literally making all the time. I printed out some photos in the morning and at the same time bought two 3mm acrylic sheets that I was going to use tomorrow to make my final model.

I spent the whole day figuring out how to make my wooden plates function. I started by making four exact same circles with the band saw and the sanding machine. After that was done, since it was the first time I used a drill at UAL, I asked one of the staff to put it together and demonstrate, which they did so kindly, but they ended up drilling the hole in my wooden circles directly AND TO THE SIDE. I told them to stop but they didn't and said "don't worry no one will notice". I don't think you understand how frustrated that made me. Now, every time I rotate the wooden plates, a margin appears and disappears, since it rotates ON AN ANGLE. So, I decided to make it only open and close one way so that people didn't have to rotate the plate fully and see the margins. After that was done I made some drawings in my sketchbook and left the rest to do tomorrow. 

I learnt from today the importance of making things yourself and how a stupid minute detail makes all the difference. 

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