Class 19

Today we had tamzin and Laura as our tutors. It was quite a productive day. I finalized my sketch models out of paper and I figure out what shape I wanted the strainer to me. I made two other plate so I now have 4 different models, and tomorrow I will start making them. I don't know yet if I want to make the pan or if I just want to show the mechanism. I know I want to make three final models; one out of wood since it's quite easy to make, one out of a colorful transparent plastic and one out of a simple metal. I talked to tamzin and she didn't have much to say just that I was on track. Tonight I won't do any work because I have prior engagements so tomorrow will be the making day. I think that I am getting better at time management so I feel a little more relaxed and I also think that I am more comfortable with the making process. These two weeks off were great because I got time to think about what I wanted to focus on and what I wanted to achieve in this course!!!

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