Class 17

Today we had Kathleen as a tutor, which was great because she focuses on product design and that's my specialized pathway. We started off the day kind of quiet. We had to think of 50 words to describe our product and hen choose five to draw abstractly. Stupidly, i chose five words that were kind of synonyms so I was stuck for a while trying to think of a way I could abstract that. In addition, i suck at anything abstract so that was hard. After we drew those up, we have to make them into 3D models. I loved doing that to be honest because it's so much easier, and i realized I'm quite good at that. I got good feedback from Kathleen which is always a plus. After lunch we had Karla take a picture of us for some board.... EW!! After she had taken her picture, I got back to work on my models. I think where I am right now on my design means that I need to focus on BE mechanism more than drawing up my idea. Since it's quite straight forward, I need to have the precision to take it up a notch and it's very hard. I keep thinking I found a way to make the top plate go up and down and side to side but then there's the water factor that comes into play and it sets me back quite a bit. This afternoon I focused on creating a few models for the strainer, wit different kind of holes and it looks so cool!! I'll make some more this weekend.

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