Class 16

Today our tutor was Fadi, who I like very much. He helped me a lot with my développement and brought a perspective to my project that I hadn't thought about before. We had quite a relaxed day which is always great where we started off by presenting our ideas and then working independently. To be honest, i work really well by myself and if I have no time constraints, which I guess everyone does too! Anyways I got a lot done and I think my idea really grew today. I decided to add a function to my pan. So now it's a normal pan, a strainer and a steamer. To use it as a normal, waterproof pan, you have to make sure that the two plates are aligned in a way that let no holes showing. To make it easier for people, I made sure that the top plate's handle, when under the normal pan handle, makes it that the pot is waterproof. Now, to drain the pasta or whatever you are cooking in the pot, you have to push the handle to the right hand side to slide open the top plate and make the holes appear. To turn it into a steamer, you have to have the plate handle in its original position and then lift it and turn it to the right in one of the slots allotted. However!! I didn't think of the fact that now, the pot is not waterproof since the plates don't touch. Either I add a third plate that only closes when the first plate is lifted, or I make the plate removable and give the customer an additional plate that they place at the bottom of the pan. Not sure yet.

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