Class 15

Today our tutor was Tamzin who's the nicest person ever. We had a lecture in the morning that lasted forever explaining what we were going to do for the project. Then after that we had like half an hour to do some work so we presented our research to the group. I also printed out a bunch of photos that I cut out and stuck on an A2 sheet since we need one for our research, one for a bunch of ideas, one for our idea development, and one for the final project. Then we had another lecture clarifying some things that were apparently confusing to a lot of people...... never caused me any issues, but it was good to get a refresher. I continued working on my A2 sheet in the afternoon. We had to draw up 5 ideas for tomorrow, so I thought of those in the tube because I had some plans at night that I couldn't cancel. It was actually super practical and I ended up with some quite good ideas focused on making The task of cooking and cleaning up easier. I think that people are over weight and don't cook because they see it as a chore so if there was a way to change that and make it easier, then they'd probably start cooking a little bit more. Hopefully.

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