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 -studio work- project development
 -discussion about our ideas
 -acetate and projection - in love with this technique and I am definitely going to use it again
-I have learnt that LESS IS MORE
 -trying to find balance in my sketchbook, it is important to know when to stop adding things into my sketchbook
 --repetitive process,changing scale, size, mediums
 -my observational drawing skills have improved
 PROBLEMS AND BLOCKS-the best problem solving process is to talk with classmates/tutors about it and get a different point of view. They might add some ideas on improvement as well. Do accept negative feedback as much as positive one. I find research and Independent study very effective as well. Sometimes it is better to stop working, go for a walk or have a coffee and suddenly, new problem solving idea appears!
In order to record all stages of my project I do take many many pictures/closeups. I can use them for collage later on, or they could give me better understanding of obscured texture.I am trying to write my workflow regularly. I analyse and reflect on my research. I explore possibilities with materials and their form,.I might try to work with latex , as my friend Antonio did last year at Advanced Fashion Design Course at CSM.I want to obtain a specific textile transparent/kind of/ structure. It might be way too time consuming though.









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