November 11th FRIDAY

Looking back at Tactile structure project , finishing up photo documentation and evaluation.
For my final outcome of this project, I have made an installation of table covered in my samples. Inspired by Matt Wingfiled's 'English furniture for life' - collection of recycled card tables that blur the distinction between table and tablecloth
My interpretation of Tactile Structure Project is playing with idea of using found recycled objects, and placing them in to public space with elements of strong architectural background. All of the materials I used were recycled and they were  mainly paper, plastic ,fabric or glass based. My installation is called ' English Breakfast ' and it represents connection between 3D objects and architectural environment which they are placed in. 
Box of cereals, milk, mandarine ,package of smoked salmon or Italian proccuitto , pack of eggs..all covered and wrapped in my textile experiment, creating harmony with surface-tablecloth- they are placed on-becoming one huge sample- 
As a result of this project, I am presenting playful interesting installation that  is breaking boundaries between typical usage of textile and its relationship with environment. Bright colours and mixture of different medias made the final installation interesting and eye catching. I am also very happy with pictures that I took while sample manipulation and rotation , modulation on a model's body.

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