November 9th WEDNESDAY

Despite of having loads of things to finish by tomorrow, I have decided to go to Tate Modern
There was this special event going on , when Marina Abramovic /goddess of performance design and one of the most successful female artist of this century /herself was signing up copies of her new memoir called Walking Through the Walls. I have been interested in her artwork since last year and the fact that I was able to meet her in person was amazing. There is something about her art that I cant explain with words... either way, I think it is very reflective and somehow narrative by itself. She uses audience as a medium a lot.
I have also done short tour around the permanent exhibitions, even though I saw all of it many times before. Suddenly, I found Steel Table sculpture by Anthony Caro that really impressed me. How come I have never stopped by before?
Later on, I got back to my sample making and I have seen everything form a different perspective. Sometimes it is better to have a short break when you don' t know how to continue and approach ideas from your head.

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