November 8th TUESDAY

Super intense day with Patricia.
Today's process:
-developing ideas on our samples
-developing sense for colours, finding colour palette and balance
-developing structure for our textile samples, from 2D to 3D
-material experiments
-learning how to edit our artwork - SUBTRACTION & ADDITION
- selective process
-developing hand stitches /not classical ones/
-working very fast /without thinking too much/ and being spontaneous might bring fresh ideas on developing your design
-working manually is fun /even under time pressure/and might cause brainstorming
-thinking out of box, how to approach things differently?
-ALWAYS look to your starting point/or previous development/ while design developing
I thing I should have brought in more different materials today to work with. After few samples, I felt that all of my samples are very similar . On the other hand there was a strong connection between them so you could totally tell that they are from one collection.
My strengths: drawing, sewing and manual work, critical and conceptual thinking
My weaknesses: difficulties while verbal presentation of my ideas and work, too many ideas /mess in my head/ and struggling with being selective and picking only one/the best / idea.

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