October 31st MONDAY

Day 1 of making PUBLIC ART project at CSM.
We started with discussion about the public art we have chosen for this projects (and why), pitching ideas and concepts to our group members. The process of getting ideas on shape and form were pretty much same as with 'my surrounding project' .

- creating small scale 3D forms out of 2D shapes
- observational drawing , structure, material, monochrome
- large scale 3D form, experimenting structure related to different parts of body
- documentation-drawings-design development 
However, I was considering my concept using street performers and musicians as important elements of public art /and community as well/ I have decided to stick with rough art pieces by Richard Wilson and Esther Stocker as my main inspiration for shapes. In the afternoon, I have done some observation of different interesting fragments of garment and I will use the sophisticated details in a future for my final outcome.


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