October 24th MONDAY

Today I returned from my trip from Slovakia , heading straight to do some research.
I have decided to visit 180 Strand, as there is an exhibition THE INFINITE MIX- contemporary sound and image.  In all these works the interplay between moving and image and sound is crucial. What you hear is as much important as what you see that is why most of the ertist have composed, commissioned or remix the soundracks for their artwork.I have to say I didn' t predict it is going to be that interesting at all. However, I spend 4 hours in there, because I just love the atmosphere in that building /very industrial/ , at some place, it doesn' t even look like gallery.  Can we consider this as a public art as well? It is easy accessible, it is free entry and it suppose to attract people walking around it on a street to stop by. What about  musicians , dancers and performance artist on a street?

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