Class 14

Today's class was our final crit! Woo!!

We had until mid afternoon to finish up what we had not previously done... I had to cut and paste some images and then finish up my model, photograph it and print them out. So I was really hustling and bustling in the morning. Then came the crit in the afternoon. Fadi and the other teacher who's name I forgot told us that it was going to be a little more different then the other times, which surprisingly it was! 

We were in groups of four or five and we had to each present out two A2 sheets and our models. The rest of the group then had to write up a response from three categories about our project. I think that this was very efficient. HOWEVER! I did not like the fact that first of all we were with the same people that we had been for the week, which meant they already knew about our ideas and how we developed it. Secondly, the fact that we were here and present during their response made the result bias. When you do not know who's work you are looking at, it is much easier to be impartial. But when they are sitting smack in front of you its a little harder. That's all I have to say about today.

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