Ways Of Seeing Brief

Design and make a wearable object. This can be a design for a piece of jewellery, for a shoe or some other kind of footwear, for a hat or for a bag. In your research you will have looked at the familiar in an unfamiliar way. Use this approach in your idea development. Avoid the conventional and predictable in your design process. Interpret your research drawings and images into a design. Investigate diverse yet appropriate materials and explore what associations they may have. Consider their properties. Are they soft, hard, rigid, flexible, comfortable, restrictive, protective, welcoming, defensive or tactile? Consider the body as a landscape. Determine which part of the body you would want your design to interact with. What structure, form and scale will it take? It must be three-dimensional and have a presence that is viewed from all sides. Think how the design is worn and why. You are creating a wearable object that demonstrates your response to the environment you live in. It should be eloquent, well designed, well made and durable.

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