Class 13

Today's class was focused on model making. We had previously drawn up 5 main ideas that we wanted to continue forward. Since I was in a super creative mood last class, I got all of them down so I didn't come up with any more ideas while I was home. However, I did refine my big idea (bench) and came up with a name during class (Rest Nest). How catchy! I think I have an issue with naming things... whatever idea I come up with, I cannot move on until I have a name.

Anyways this class was great, we worked independently on our models, starting with a sketch one. I tried different weaving techniques, with different materials but I always ended up with a super messy chair. What I narrowed down is that I needed to simplify things. If you go on my big project page on workflow you can see that the bench design is now to its minimal. I stripped off any excess materials and kept it as simple as I could. Kind of like the idea behind the iPhone. I saw this documentary one time where Steve Jobs explained that when he created the interface for the iMac and the iPhone, he was inspired a lot by Japanese culture; Strong sense of minimalist Design that can appeal to the masses. Anyways I kept that in mind when designing my bench. I decided simple structure with a simple weaving system was best.

I finished off all my models by the end of the way since it was quite a simple Design. I think some people think that the bigger and the more intricate the better but I sure don't. Every single piece in my design has a function; nothing is superfluous. Also I realized that I was quite anxious to use the metal workshop because I felt like one of my fingers would come off, but everything went well in the end. I have officially used all the workshops (except stitching)! Cool!

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