Class 12

Today's class was focused on structures and surfaces. We had to do some primary research before class, which was super easy where we found 30 images of different structures and surfaces and then bring in 5 different materials. I went around London again during the weekend with friends and to run errands so I took pictures on the way. I also stopped by the enormous Paperchase on Oxford Street and picked up  few materials (it wasn't too expensive with student discount and I got FREE COFFEE).

Anyways, I got too off topic. We had a lecture in the morning and then we started working. We make 3 models, 15 minutes each, which surprisingly was the perfect amount of time. I think lately I have been working a lot on my time management, and I can see considerable improvement. The reason why I finished today's models in time is that I came in with an open mind.... I didn't really know what I was doing, if it was a jewlry piece, footwear, a chair or an installation, i just made it. Anyways that worked out pretty well! 

We then drew up a bunch of ideas on our sketchbooks and then presented it to other people in our group. By that time we had been asked to sit with our specialized pathway - PDC for me - and our ideas were supposed to be directed towards that area. I was surprisingly in a creative mood today so that was super good for me. My ideas were quite concrete and I got solid feedback which will help me in the future. 

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