Class 11

Today's class was the most boring so far. From 10:30 until 3:30 I only printed out some pictures and stuck them on my sheets. I finalized some things but that was it since I had done literally everything on our day off. Cool kid huh?

Anyways at 3:30 we had our crit, and It was very different than what we had previously done. I think I actually quite liked it because we ACTUALLY got good feedback instead of the usual, repetitive "nice" that I had gotten previously. So we each sat at 3 different presentation stations and commented on different aspect of the work.

I think that being able to sit and look at a piece of work for a while kind of inspired me to rethink my A2 sheets. I have been stuck on the same format every time but I don't have the balls to make anything really artsy. Mine are always really neat and bland and I want to captivate someone using a cool layout and interesting colours. So that's what I took away from today.

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