Class 10

Today's class was really cool but SO stressful and SO confusing. I was very disappointed with the tutor's ability to explain the project and their input was not very helpful at all. Anyways this isn't a dishing session so I will focus on the positive.

Over the weekend, we had to go on an adventure by ourselves or with someone. Since my sister was in town, I took the opportunity to show her literally all of London (with my sketchbook of course). We walked about 20 km every day for three days straight and I thought my feet were going to fall off. Anyways I really, really enjoyed spending this precious time with her and decided to take that feeling and make an object out of it.

In class, we had to take our research, or elements of our research (I still don't really understand this) and then create ten jewelry, footwear or fashion accessory pieces. This was the most confusing 30 minutes of my life but whatever. Anyways, after that we were asked to take three or one, I still don't know and make six models out of that. I still wonder how we could have made more models than we had ideas? So I chose two and made those and then made four other random (but still cool) models. 

We then had to choose one idea and actually make it. You can find mine on my "ways of seeing" page. We made the actually object, and then created two A2 sheets for that with our research and final outcome. I had to make three because i couldn't fit all of my research.

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