Class 9

Today we did a project called Light Up. I had to do primary research (observing light and how it reflects, absorbs, makes shadows ect.) and secondary research (firms or individuals that work with light and spatial design) before coming into class so I was all prepared for our - always - super intense idea development sessions. 

I loved doing this research because I never got the chance to work in spatial design. I did notice that there was a bunch of really good designers that worked in spatial design. Their work is very, very impressing. Anyways that's not the point... after generating some ideas, we chose one and started drawing. I really liked the fact that we had time! We had time to focus, draw and make our models. I always produce higher quality work when I get to have an independent project.

I ran with this idea of an office space that could bring up people's productivity and moral. It uses the natural light of the sky and creates a paisley pattern on the walls for the employees to look at during their conference calls. I made the model out of a paper cut out and then mounted it on a glass box. You can check out the light up project for more details! 

The next day we presented it to the class, where I got only one post-it note saying "nice". WOW! AMAZING!

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