Class 8

Today was the museum day. I think this was one of my favorite classes yet. We went to the National British Museum, which I had never been to, and drew the beautiful atrium as research for our upcoming "light up" projects. In addition to the primary and secondary research we had done, we got the chance to draw first had under the atrium. We stayed there literally the whole day, and looked at form, light and movement of the atrium.

After that we headed back to the big St. Pancras station to draw some more and observe people's behavior. We then came back to class the shared our sketches with our groups.

I think today was great because we had ample time to focus on our drawing and observing skills and we weren't rush in any way. I think that since I've started this foundation programme, my drawing skills and most importantly my sketching skills have really improved. According to my mother, I have developed a style (even though I don't notice it) and it looks good in my sketchbooks.

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