Class 7

Today was the most emotional day for me so far because WE LEARNT ABOUT CHAIRS! I have been obsessed with furniture designers since forever ago and I could not believe my eyes and my ears that we were actually having a lesson about CHAIRS! 

So yeah you could say today was a good day. We started off with a fascinating lecture about materials, forms, ergonomic designs ect. about chairs and then moved on to drawing and sketching of people sitting in weird places until lunch.

After lunch we came back and worked on our idea development. We had to take a very famous, well-known and quite boring chair and use its parts to create three brand new ones. Although the original explanations were quite confusing I managed to understand a little and work on task. I focused on aesthetics more than anything and came up with a great Idea to an S-style chair with three colourful circles woven into the metallic frame. I loved making it as well since it was a one to five ratio, so we were just making a little model. Today was cute!

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