Class 6

Today's class was focused on Fashion Accessories. I really, really don't like this field of study because I hate the idea of being groundbreaking. Every day we have to come up with something amazing, that no one has ever done in like 3 minutes. 

Anyways, I still try my best, and I put in all my effort and try to think outside the box as much as I can. Today we had to draw ten ideas for each three words that were given to us: Suspend, Support and Surround. We had to come up with 30 pieces in total and make sure that each piece of jewelry or installation DID NOT resemble bracelets, earrings or necklaces. After coming up with 30 ideas (which was very hard for me because I am not a fashion designer) we took one and developed it. I love narrowing down because I usually combine two or more of my ideas to make on final, and usually better, one. 

In this case I focused on a particular idea that had something to do with personal space in the tube. It also fell under the category of surround so that was neat. Anyways I looked at a way for people to travel in the tube during rush hour, but still have a decent amount of personal space and the same mobility that they would normally have. I came up with this cage-like installation that fixes on the hips and creates a bubble around the chest and head of the person. It was be used for different body types with no problem, and you do not loose any aspect of your mobility. However, you do loose your dignity because it looks idiotic.

After that we had to make the model on a mannequin and transfer it to a person. In my idea development phase, I think I thought too big since I didn't actually think we were going to make the pieces, which ended up being very hard. But I managed quite well and it ended up looking quite realistic.

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