Ambivalently Yours is anonymous feminist artist that has gained notoriety through her Tumblr page that is filled with "hand-written notes of self-expression to disperse in public places and breaking the binaries of what is expected of a female today." (Dazed Magazine, 2015) Since the inception of her blog in 2012, the creation of her illustrations, with their scattering of honest thoughts, life perils and questions, the anonymous artist creates an online space where conflicting feelings are confronted and reevaluated – she's dead serious but sprinkles them with a good dose of tongue-in-cheek humour. Using her work to highlight the messiness and imperfections of being female, she creates an avenue for ‘boldly undecided girls’ to celebrate their contradictions. 

I thought her work was particularly poignant and relevant not only because of the obvious aesthetic similarities between her work and Molly's, but because of the similarity in the message they send to their audience with their work. They both love to subvert the idea of what a woman needs to be and do so in a modern and incredibly elevated way. I love this piece in particular because the subject reminds me of someone that Molly would be inspired by.

Yours, Ambivalently. "It's Not My Revolution If I Can't Wear Pink"., 2011. Print.

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