Class 5

Today was our second day at Archway, and we focused on Jewellery, Footwear and Fashion Accessories. I have literally never done anything remotely related to fashion (ect.), so that was a huge step for me.

We started out with quite an interesting lecture, talking about different fashion people and why they did what they did. We looked mostly at accessories and the fact that as students on a foundation course, we need to step outside the box. We need to make accessories that challenge the traditional meaning of "accessories". Let me tell you that this was the hardest class for me EVER. I am a creative person but not in a "ground-breaking", super provocative way so making 30 accessories in 30 minutes, that ARE NOT ACCESSORIES was very challenging.

Anyways I did my best and created a fun, almost ironic accessory designed to give you the personal space you deserve in the tube or any common area. This was inspired by my first time being on public transport during rush hour. It was so insane it marked me! So with this little bubble you could push away the smelly strangers and get on with your busy life.

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