September 20th TUESDAY

Day 2> Your data

Exploring the process behind of textile design.
We have started day with defining our personal items we brought in and we were piling them into various groups , depending on their size, colour, value/emotional or price/ , function, age , while looking for relation these objects had between each other... we were creating collections.
I have found very useful to do some quick drawing as well. I feel much more confident about my drawing style because it is very free and abstract in certain way, even though we drew from life.

Importance of developing your own individual style...
I consider the developing of my personal style as one of the most important thing for artist in general.
I would like to focus my studies at CSM especially on experimental and open minded projects which could help me to obtain confidence and after all, knowledge of my individual style.
It is important not to look at the ' others' work, because basically, every single person that we look for does influence us in certain way. My individual style is still in process however doing observation /research/ and then reinterpretation in my way does help a lot.

Idea of designing through the abstraction of observational drawing...
This was the first time I have ever experienced such a diverse and interesting process of pattern designing in order to get the most courageous and developed ideas.

Difference in process between fashion and textiles...
Fashion>observation-structures-development-3D experiments-development-observational drawing/variations/
-development-defining the final piece..>
Textiles>observation- abstraction-development- experiments 2D & 3D- development and problem solving- defining the final piece..>
Fashion Design & Textile Design have strong connection between each other. DO collaborate and communicate
with the other department whether you are doing fashion design or textile design.

Using scale and repetition to design...
Helps to explore and express more.
DO keep changing formats, different medias but also don't forget to look back to your first ideas, repeat them and develop them eventually.

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