Septemer 19th MONDAY

 'Your' project > 3 days project consist of 3 different assignments to do until Wednesday.
Day 1 > exploring surroundings 
Questions I have faces today: 
What is structure? Why am I attracted to this structure? What media should I use for sharing my opinion     about the chosen structure? How can I develop my shape? How to turn it in to a 3D form? How to bring my 2 shapes in to 3d from without using any glue, thread or tape? What I want people to think about my drawings when they review them? What is the emotion beyond it? How can I develop my develop my design?

Process of turning a 2D shape in to a 3D form...

1.chose of structure, defining 2D shapes , drawing, developing, observation
2.considering relationship between chosen shapes, creating small paper experimental prototype, developing
3.cutting out defined shapes, cooperating them together using method of folding, twisting,
respecting the original shape, finding interesting structure and relations.
4.applying the structure while developing design of garment

How does changing the scale and proportion of a form inspire design?
It is an important part of creative process to change scale and proportion of a form. Incorporating and varying shapes /forms/ explores how far can we get with this design without creating completely another one. We use
different methods in order to get the best results.
Working on 3D structure of garment> It helps to try out different variations of 3D structure on different parts of body/ to move them around/, draw them in to the sketchbook and keep developing it.

Why do we draw? Why is it important to draw from life?

Drawing is an essential tool of every artist.
Sometimes, we experience brainstorm with amazing ideas and drawing is the 1st part of the process in order to make our ideas come true. To draw means> to define shapes, to look for solutions, to research and then express our attitude...
Despite of drawing from pictures it is important to use real 3D objects /products, structures, portraits../
Drawing from life means to be focused on what's approach of the drawing/ignoring useless details/ and to
explore the real proportions, shapes, highlights and shadows of the drawn object.

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