September 15th THURSDAY

I have started my course on September the 14th, researching , photocopying and obtaining as many information at the library as possible. Unfortunately, I was not able to come for my first week of semester, because I was presenting my last fashion collection at the New York Fashion Week. I have received a brief for 1st assignment via email on Tuesday and as soon as I came to class for presentation on Thursday, I knew that I didn't really get what was our project about. However, my Idea Factory project was all about fashion and I was' t able to present my ideas, I have really enjoyed working in my team in order to win 'best idea concept'. 

What makes a good pitch ?
catchy, innovative, creative, positive, problem solving, considering customers/society that is presented to , good oral presentation... Think always 2 steps ahead. The idea is the most important thing, problem solving comes with teamwork and further study, analysing ...

1. presenting your own ideas the best as you can
2. choosing the best idea -to listen the others and consider your own advantages and disadvantages. Choose the best idea rational.
3. developing the best idea - think about function, construction, materials, improvement
4. final presentation to tutors/customers/judges - make people remember you, think abut conclusion of the project as well.

How would I approach this project if I had it again?
I would have chosen some other fields of the arts to source /not only fashion/ and I would think more 'outside of box'

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