Class 3

Today's class was quite exciting! I think it might have been our best one yet.

We were asked to do the ideas factory research in our own time. In addition, we had to choose one of our 15 ideas from the research task and bring in one or two A2 sheets with our finalized piece, and the research behind it. After having talked over my personal ideas with my group last class, I decided to take the high-rise glass viewing platform further. You can take a look at the "Ideas Factory" page, I am not going to rewrite everything.

Anyways, after having presented our A2 sheets to our group and glued our last pieces, we covered the tables in big white sheets to make everything look clean. We added our quick one hour models and made everything look coherent. Then we took six sticky notes and went around to other tables to comment on people's work.

Enough of this blabbering on, let me tell you what I learnt today. First of all, like every single god damn class: TIME MANAGEMENT. Our tutors gave us a little over an hour to make a model of our finalised sketches, which in all fairness is enough. But I just keep coming up with ideas that are too intricate for the short lifespan of each project. So I need to simplify my ideas from now on, but still keep it original. Secondly, I learnt that I need to annotate a little more my research section. I am a strong believer in the fact that a picture speaks a thousand words, but in this case either people didn't read my "inspiration" A2 poster, or my photos weren't communicative enough. Since the clients are always right, I will chose to believe the latter. So I will attempt to communicate better with my image choice from now on.

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