Class 1

Today we focused on a simple and slightly in-depth introduction to footwear. We also took a look at different materials and went around the college to sketch and photograph plastic. After listening to a discussion and working as a group, I took away a few points. I learnt that you can dissect a shoe in very in depth way (colour, shape, functionality, style, context, material ect.), but you can also dissect anything in depth. It can help you not only design the physical aspect of an object but shape and told our interaction with that object. On another note I learnt that sketching should portray more than just the physical aspect of a certain object, and that including movement and interaction with humans is an essential part of the process.

I am a very outgoing person, so I like to talk and interact. I do enjoy working as a group, and I think what I took away from today is that people are very different from one another in regards to socialising. Our group was extremely diverse since we all came from the four corners of the world, and I think that that gave us an extra edge on our task. Since we all had different views on footwear and plastic, we all brought something different and learnt from one another.

In question 2, I talked about the good things of working with an international group, but I did notice during class some inhibiting things. Since we were all from different places, some people had difficulties speaking in english, so that was challenging. Personally, I have no issues with speaking english, but I think what was hard for me was to tone down my personality and let other speak. Since I had a lot to share, I tried to give others that were more shy a turn instead of monopolising the conversation. That would have inhibited the positive aspect of diversity in our group.

Living in Dubai for the past six years has really introduced me to an array of different cultures. Since everyone gathers in Dubai from all over the world, I was submerged in diversity. What I found interesting about today's class was that no matter where we were from (Japan, France, Canada, Pakistan or even the UK), we a common connection in regards to our shoes. Even though our group focused on the cultural differences between our countries' footwear, we noticed that all of us were wearing branded, sports-like shoes or open toed simple sandals. This connection showed me how universal and globalised our world really is, and how different pressures and situations dictate what we wear not only on our feet but on our bodies.

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