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Francois Morellet 

Francois Morellet devant son oeuvre Répartition aleatoire de 40000 carres suivant les chiffres pairs et impairs d'un annuaire de telephone, 50% bleu, 50% rouge, 1963 (huile sur toile)

Francois Morellet in front of his work 'Random Distribution of 40,000 Squares Using the Odd and Even Number of a Telephone Directory, 50% blue, 50% red, 1963 (oil on canvas)


It is a curious fact that the artist created the work based on the principles of mathematics, kinetic and optical art, however, he allowed the chance and accident to influence and direct his work. Because blue and red have an equal colour intensity, putting the two together created a dazzling contrast of two colours visually pushing almost fighting one another. It was smart as well to present the work on a scale on a room (as opposed to a small fact surface), because as a viewer enters the room, they would be bombarded by the dazzling contrast and intensity of the colours from all directions and viewpoints. It must be an immense experience.  

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