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Gerard Richter, 'Stained Glass Window', 2007 (Cologne Cathedral)

I am impressed by the way the artist created a true light spectacle and fully explored the sensual qualities of light and colour. Because light is constantly changing, it is constantly challenging and altering the overall picture, thus the experience of light naturally becomes the main subject of the work. 

In addition to that, to me this is a great example of art in terms of research and reference because of the intellectual way the artist borrowed, adopted, reworked and realised the idea. The look of traditional stained glass windows always implies elaborate and representational details, such as the figures of biblical characters and the writing that supports it. The artist, however, borrowed the generic visual effect of the stained glass but totally simplified and abstracted its subject-matter to the point where it became digital-looking and pixelated. It is really satisfying to watch this transition of a historic stained window look metamorphosing into its contemporary interpretation. 

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