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Marilyn Manson 

When I Get Old I Would Like a Drink (Self-Portrait), 2002, watercolour on paper 

This is one of the most sarcastic self-portraits I have seen because of the fact that the artist painted it aged 40, however imagined and depicted himself as an old man. It could be a self-mockery due to the artist's past drugs and alcohol abuse, and the artist could have humorously imagined what his lifestyle might drive him to. A sense of time therefore becomes distorted in this painting because of the dissonance between the real self and the imaginable self. 

In contrast to dark humour underpinning the painting, ill, artificial skin tone and exaggerated facial features, the use of watercolour creates really soft, rather delicate brushstrokes and lines, as well as the smooth graduation of tone. The contrast is therefore present not only in the concept but in the technique, too, which is why the image becomes so striking and impactful.

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