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By experimenting with the joke " How does NASA organize their company parties? They planet. " I created several different outcomes with different media and ways to reveal the punchline. I created one poster that to reveal the punchline had an arrow point at our planet earth, I created a serpentine that was an invitation to a moon party and with the word NASA you can cut out and create a spacecraft, I did some posters based on the graphs and plans NASA have, I did a bottle to relate to the party theme which should have been a beer or wine bottle and I did a plain ticket, again to the NASA party on the moon. In the crit I was told the most successful were the poster pointing at the planet and plane ticket. Which I developed using the way to reveal a similar way to reveal the punchline. 

I did again the four posters as party invitations that have to be unfolded to reveal the punchline. 

Also did again the ticket and the booklet both as experiments as invitations. 

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