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D I G I T A L  M E D I A

My initial idea was to theme the game as human body, the veins would be the platforms for the ball, and in this case eyeball, to move along. This idea was inspired by the game ball coaster 3D made on unity and also from my research that lead me to understand that the best games are the most simple games that have a sequence and also the ones that have only two combinations of controls for example, side to side, up and down, etc. 

After experimenting making spirals on sketch up I thought about making an alien face that the whole point of the game was to make the eyeball reach the face and complete it. When actually making the face I realize it wasn't very interesting for the player. It was way too simple and boring. So I moved from this idea but still wanting my ball to be an eye. I realised in this stage that I was focusing too much on the theme and making it look good I forgot the whole point of making it challenging.

The space theme continued but in now the purpose was to catch the blobs in this planet avoiding the black ones, and all this in a short amount of time of 30 sec. Unfortunately the blobs I did were too heavy and were causing delays on the game so I had to change to a more simple thing like coins.


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