Monday 25th April

Today I created a model box for the exhibition. When brainstorming ideas for my model box I decided I wanted to represent the key theme that I explored in my film which was Nature vs Machine. To begin with I created a lino cutting of a forest as I found the bold etching's it produced echoed the sinister tone of my film. I used the lino prints I created to line the walls of my box. I then decided that I wanted to incorporate elements of my costume design into my model box so I took the mechanical stencil I created and cut each Cog apart before spray painting them gold. I later added further details to the cogs using a silver marker pen. I the proceeded to hang these cogs from the ceiling of my box like a mobile. The last element to my box was drawing further woodland images onto three different sized pieces of perspex. I then hung these onto different parts of my box to add a more 3-dimensional quality to my box. To create further atmosphere in my box I added electric to lights in order to light up the set and create haunting shadows.

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